I landed in development through a series of very interesting events and jobs.

In 2014 I took a gap year (still on it ha ha) from university and had no plan in mind but to just maybe find something that would interest me. I was living with a few of my closest friends in a tiny SF apartment, working at the Starbucks on Buchanan Street – maybe we've met once before.

In March 2015 Facebook's F8 event was happening at Fort Mason right across the street. I came across some really interesting people – founder, designer, engineer, etc. Why were these people so excited about what they did? That type of energy is something I need in my life.

I started taking the online CS50 course, really having no clue what was going on.

Learning to build software doesn't come over night, so the next few years would be working as close as possible to technology.

In 2015 I joined as 1/3 of Handpick's pilot operations team. With no experience, we were able to partner with Safeway, FoodsCo, GSO, and OnTrac to develop a logistics food delivery system paired with the Handpick iOS app. Mornings were spent in the office while afternoons were spent with the team in the basement of Safeway at Market St., packing and listening to music.

In 2016 I spent a year working and traveling in Asia. I learned how to work and adapt in a whole different cultural environment. During this time I played a small role in the development of Vicinity Centre's shopping center sites in Australia as well as Shanghai Multimedia Association. I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn here.

In 2017 I joined Verlocal in San Francisco. I brought in clients that held 25% of the entire company's revenue. I also lived at the office – don't do that haha.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue what I came into this industry for in the first place. I started a small solo venture, building passion projects, experiments, and contracting work. I joined Abstract and helped build the next generation of tools for design collaboration alongside some of the best people.

I currently write software at Hopin, building products alongside one of the fastest growing startups in the world.